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TV Characters We Cannot Forgive For Being A Villain

When a TV show is good, viewers tend to get attached to the characters. A viewer attaches themselves to a character who they relate to or a character who has something they admire. To some extreme cases, some viewers have gone ahead and done plastic surgery to look like a character like the Kim Kardashian look alike or wannabe.


In most TV shows, there is always a villain, a character who hurts others, especially those we are rooting for. When an actor or actress does the villain role so well, especially a couple of times in different movies, you associate the character to their actual personality as the viewer, for instance, Patience Ozokwor, from Nigeria, who was awarded the veteran award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, AMVCA.

Patience Ozokwor

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In Hollywood, there are some TV characters that have created and remained in the perception of many as villains and have most viewers holding a grudge till date for what their characters did to hurt others in the movie.

Meredith from Parent Trap.

The classic 1998 movie is about two girls who happen to be twins and were separated at birth for one to stay with the mum in London and the other to stay with the dad in California. The twins met at a girls camp and after being enemies for the first few days, they were forced to share a cabin together. They ended up realizing they are sisters and swapped to experience the other parent in order to find why they are not together and bring them back.

Meredith from Parent Trap

This is where we are introduced to Meredith, who is engaged to the girls dad for his money. She plans on taking the girls to boarding school immediately she gets married. She plays the role of evil girlfriend who is into luxury and can be very mean. The girls eventually bring their parents together to meet and frustrate Meredith to the point she dumps their dad who is now able to get back together with their mum.

Charles McCarter from Tyler Perry’s, Diary Of A Mad Woman.

Every woman still hates this man and doesn’t understand how he was forgiven. In the movie, Charles is a lawyer married to a beautiful wife for years but treats her poorly. He eventually gets himself another woman and kicks out his wife, leaving her with nothing. Through the help of Madea and her cousin lawyer, they start a court case to settle her.

TV characters who act as villains
Charles in Diary of a mad black woman

In another case that Charles handles, his client is found guilty and shoots him, rendering him fully paralysed. Hearing this, his wife offers to help him but he still treats her bad, so she finally retaliates. Eventually, the wife falls in love with another man and walks out on him.

If you have not watched any of this movies, well this is something to watch the next time you are looking for a movie to binge watch.


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