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3 Kenyans win Awards at the AMVCA

Africa Magic Awards

Kenyan-based content managed to win three awards at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) that was held on May 20;

  • Best original comedy series – Njoro wa Uba.
  • Best indigenous language (Swahili) Movie/TV series – Philip Karanha Njenga – Click Click Bang
  • Best movie East Africa- Click Click Bang – Philip Karanja Njenga.

Read the full list of AMVCA Award winners.

Kenyan shows continue to blossom in the African Entertainment industry with the recently concluded AMVCA testament to progress, having secured 12 nominations.

Over the past year, more Kenyan content creators have gotten major international platforms like Country Queen on Netflix, Butita writing for The Upshaws TV show and shows like Single Kiasi being renewed for season 2 in ShowMax.

Naturally, one would think this would put the Kenyan film industry in the spotlight. Begging the question, should the Kenyan film industry create more content or perfect its quality of content?

AMVCA, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

However, some remain unconvinced with the Kenyan film industry’s progress and feel that we should have higher standards and be concerned with barely getting enough recognition on the international scene.

Was Kenya represented at the Grammy Awards?

Nollywood and Bollywood have invested heavily in promoting their content not only locally but internationally, getting them world recognition. Even with some Kenyan actors and actresses in Hollywood, the Kenyan industry is still not getting as much buzz.

Who is to blame?


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