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The Champions League Prize Money: How much do Clubs receive?

The biggest clubs in the world look forward to the financial rewards of the Champions League.


Reaching the group stage of the most elite competition in Europe means a team can earn millions. The smaller clubs do have the most to benefit from such a competition.

The final prize depends on how many games a team wins and how far they get. Also, UEFA determines how the money is distributed depending on how much the body earns.

A team that wins the Champions League final gets to walk away with €20 million while the runner’s up receives €15.5 million.

The overall price depends on many factors or rather rewards accumulate each round depending on the team’s performance.

A single win in a group stage is worth €2.8 million while a draw is € 930,000.

  • Reaching the round of 16 earns an additional €9.6m (£8.2m)
  • Quarter-finalists make €10.6m (£9.1m)
  • Semi-finalists make €12.5m (£10.7m)
  • And the finalists receive €15.5m (£13.3m) with €4.5m (£3.8m) for the champions

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This means a team which wins every match in the group stage and proceeds to win the competition earns a total of €69.8million

Tv revenues are also to be taken into consideration. It is estimated to be around €303 million which is divided among the participating teams depending on market values.

When all of these earnings are summed up, the winning side can pull over €85 million.

The winners of the Champions League and Europa League secure a spot in the UEFA Super Cup final.

Qualification for the Super Cup is worth € 3.5 million and the team that emerges victorious receives a further €1 million.


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