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Technical University of Mombasa On Fire

The Technical University of Mombasa is under unrest after a group of students set the institution’s students’ center on fire. What began as a peaceful demonstration literally ended up in a hot mess as a section of the university was set ablaze.

A section of the Technical University of Mombasa on fire. Students set the school’s students’ center ablaze during protests over fee increment. Photo: Machuka

Earlier this morning, comrades of the institution, commonly known as TUM, took to their administration offices in what was to be a peaceful protest. However, things took a turn for the worst when the school’s administration allegedly turned a blind eye to their protests.

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With twigs in their arms and chants in their mouths, the students were marching against the sudden fee increment in their institution. According to a source from the Mombasa based campus, TUM’s administration is looking to revise the school’s fee structure.

Technical University of Mombasa main entrance. Photo: Courtesy/ TUM

As security officers lobbed teargas at the demonstrating students, police officers and fire fighters were being quickly deployed to put out the fire. It is alleged that the administration had raised fees by Ksh 9,000. Bringing a semester’s fee to Ksh 28,000 from Ksh 19,000.

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A group of comrades from Technical University of Mombasa onlooking as fire razes down one of the institution’s property. The students were demonstrating over unsanctioned fee increment. Photo: Belinda Owuor

On February 2023, Presidential Working Party On Education Reforms (PWPER) proposed that university fees be revised from Ksh 16,000 to Ksh 48,000. With the ongoing financial turmoil, comrades of Technical University of Mombasa are bewildered by their institution’s ignorance to their pleas.

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