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Nairobi: Expressway Will Be Closed For Nairobi City Marathon

The Nairobi Expressway will be closed for use by motorists over the weekend to allow the Nairobi City Marathon to take place.


In an official statement released today by Moja Expressway Company, the public is informed to plan their trips accordingly as the Nairobi Expressway will not be allowed for use on Saturday and Sunday in preparation for the Nairobi City Marathon which will take place on July 2.

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Please note that the Nairobi Expressway will be temporarily closed from Saturday July 1, 2023, at 10 pm to Sunday, July 2, 2023 at 4 pm as we host the 2nd edition of the Nairobi City Marathon. We kindly request all motorists and commuters to plan their journeys accordingly.

Moja Expressway Company wrote

Motorists who had earlier planned to use the expressway are expected to find alternative means of travel following the directive. The notice comes 5 days to the day set for the marathon, giving the motorists ample time to make other plans.

Expressway to be closed for Nairobi City Marathon. Photo: COURTESY

The Nairobi City Marathon had earlier been slated for May 21 but was postponed to July 2. The statement acknowledged that there had been a previous event that necessitated the postponement of the awaited marathon reading in part;

We were unaware of a different run happening on the same day across the road. In the true spirit of charity and sportsmanship, we are therefore happy to leave the day for them and push ours forward to allow them to meet their planned charity and community objectives

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This year’s marathon will be the second edition of the Nairobi City Marathon and is expected to traverse Nairobi City through the recently constructed expressway. The inaugural edition of the marathon happened last year where Brimin Misoi and Agnes Barsosio won the races. They were awarded a prize of 6 million in cash as the prize for the feat.


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