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Spotify Introduces New Premium Option With High-Quality Audio


As part of its strategy for growing subscription revenue, Spotify is now considering an extra-costly subscription option. The new plan dubbed ‘Supremium’, is expected to include better features.


It’s anticipated that the new membership tier, which would grant access to “Lossless Audio” or high-fidelity audio, will cost more than the existing Spotify Premium subscription.  Lossless audio is audio content that has not been compressed or had its frequencies removed to save file size. Spotify first unveiled its Spotify HiFi lossless audio grade for its streaming service in February 2021.

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After two of its rivals, Apple Music and Amazon Music started providing the service for free as part of their normal plans, Spotify postponed the launch of that product. If rolled out, this ‘Supremium’ option for Spotify users will be the most expensive music streaming and has been speculated to surpass even Amazon Music and Apple Music.

The Users who pay for the new Spotify subscription will also have access to audiobooks, either by offering a certain number of titles or a certain amount of free hours each month. According to a report by Bloomberg, Spotify plans to begin the rollout of the plan in non-US markets first before getting it into the United States in October this year.

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Users have reacted to the new plan by Spotify saying that the company needs to consider paying the artists better before introducing more expensive features on their platforms.

Not worth a penny, the quality will not be a drastic difference unless they deliberately dumb down the premium audio now. At that point, they get nothing from me


So to them: Making even more money >>>> paying artists slightly better All the while apple music already pays artists pretty well compared to spotify, *plus* they already have hi-fi and lossless in their current (and only) plan


Others have threatened to shift from the platform to other cheaper options like Apple Music with already high-quality audio.


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