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Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers: Kenyan Heartaches and Hope

Being a Kenyan is literally a task. In ten months alone, we have gone from party after party to taxes after taxes. Maybe, Ruto is fixing the nation after all.


People that were once ranked among the most corrupt countries in Africa are now terrified of the thing they once boasted of. Clearly, things are getting out of hand and Kenyans are not liking it. If anyone ever wondered what a comfort zone is and what it feels like getting out of one? Wonder no more! Evidently, we are currently being forced out of our comfort zone as a country.

Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers: Kenyan Heartaches and Hope.

Since Covid-19, Kenyans have grown accustomed to corruption. With cases of corruption being reported in places that had “Corruption Free Zone” sign boards, nothing took Kenyans by surprise anymore. However, no Kenyan in their wildest dreams would have imagined us in the current economic state we are in. None but one. Our Former President, now Farmer Jayden. (Na alituwuooon!) Now that we ignored the warning signs, the entire country seems to be alert!

Nonetheless, one thing our able Supreme leader needs to understand is, Kenyans are rooting for his success and not his failure. Undeniably, we are scared. Kenyans have concerns that no single person in Government has come forward to clearly address. Being forced out of our comfort zones automatically leaves us in the fear zone. The nation is in a state of panic as no one is feeling safe and confident in the Government. As a country, we seem to have lost control of things.

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What happens in the fear zone is a series of events that lead us to lose faith. It is in this zone that plenty of excuses are made in an attempt to cover up our missteps. The current Government is blaming the former one. Quite ironical, given the fact that our current Head of State is our former Deputy Head of State.

In addition, Kenyans who voted for The Opposition are now blaming those that voted for the ruling party. On the other hand, Kenyans that voted for the ruling party are putting the blame on those who did not vote at all.

One thing is clear though, Kenya is in opposition. It is also in a state of fear. On the brighter side, we would say that Kenyans get to learn. We get to acquire more knowledge, new skills and overcome challenges. Getting past the learning zone also automatically unlocks the final zone known as growth. Here, we get to live our dreams, find our purpose and set higher goals.

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In the meantime, as members of Opposition. Our role is neither to fight nor hinder the Government. Our role is to check the Government and keep it on its toes. The weight that our President carries on his shoulder must be overwhelming. Regardless, he proved to be up to the task and made unimaginable promises to us. Promises he must now keep as they make him indebted to us.

The journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan is one that is very interesting and familiar to most of us. Why it took them forty years to walk a few kilometers, could be a question we are about to get answers to in due course.

On June, 7, Calvin Gaucho addressed Kenyans and said, “Azimio leaders are against the Finance Bill, but I support it fully. When Kenyans suffer due to the bill, they will learn not to make the same mistake next time during elections.”

The next election is in five years or so. Meanwhile, members of the Hustler-ton, do not put your whistles down. 

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