Better Zones Lying Beyond The Comfort Zone

Being in the comfort zone is a flex that ought to be short-lived. The comfort zone is associated with familiarity.


In as much as how it carries an air of feeling safe and being in control. It is also a zone that is burdened with stagnation. Staying in the comfort zone for too long inhibits growth. This comes as a result of one not being tested and not getting new challenges and experiences.

Better Zones Lying Beyond The Comfort Zone.
Better Zones Lying Beyond The Comfort Zone. PHOTO/ Courtesy.

Conversely, the upsides of being in the comfort zone are relaxing. Having a sense of control over issues gives one the right amount of tranquility and discipline. Such qualities go a long way in increasing productivity. However, for growth to be realized, better zones than the comfort zone have to be considered.

Fear Zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone tends to momentarily disorient one. The fear of not knowing and losing control, breeds lack of self confidence. Nonetheless, the fear zone does not have to be as scary as many perceive it to be. It is in this zone that habits of actions and thinking are challenged.

To avoid being stuck in this zone, one has to overcome the need to create excuses. Instead, one has to acquire resilience. This zone has to be faced with courage and braveness. Besides, trying out new things is not always promised to be easy. Despite fear generally being an obstacle in most cases. In this case, fear is meant to instill perseverance and trust.

Learning Zone

Interestingly, most human beings tend to fear the unknown. After overcoming fear, what lies beyond is learning. Getting to know more about the world around us expands the mind. The learning zone provides exposure to new skills and challenges. Maneuvering through challenges births experience.

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In other words, learning sparks a domino effect that opens doors to infinite possibilities. In this situation, one has to come to terms with certain truths. The ultimate truth being, remaining in your comfort zone for too long is equivalent to putting all your eggs in one basket. After all, there are many ways to kill a rat. It is always good to know a couple, in case the one method you know fails you.

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Growth Zone

Undoubtedly, nothing will stand in your way to greatness in this zone. Especially after being instilled with discipline, confidence, perseverance and knowledge. Chasing after growth is a wholesome journey. It is in this zone that dreams become reality.

Being in the growth zone has proven to make one goal oriented. Here, one finds real purpose, unlike in the comfort zone, where one is content. This is because growth is a continuous process. When it comes to self awareness and mental growth, one can never reach a state of contentment. Growth invokes an unending learning process that only keeps on getting better.

Consequently, lying beyond the comfort zone is an unexplored world of uncertainties. However, one thing certain about this world, is the greatness in it. Daring to step out of your comfort zone is giving yourself a chance at a greater life.

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