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Siaya Deputy Governor Impeached

Deputy governor, William Oduol
Deputy Governor, Siaya County William Oduol

The deputy governor of Siaya County, William Oduol has been impeached from office. This comes after 42 MCAs unanimously adopted the report tabled by the Special Committee.


East Asembo Ward MCA, Gordon Onguru, filed the motion to impeach Oduol from office on May 29 2023. After the MCAs agreed with the motion, a special Committee was created to investigate the reasons tabled for impeachment.

Mr Oduol was accused of gross violation of the constitution, misuse of public resources and abuse of office. In addition to this, some MCAs accused him of being dishonest and entirely out for himself and not the people. The Special Committee was tasked to investigate the legitimacy of these claims and present them to the County Assembly.

After investigation, the Special Committee tabled the report they had. This was done by Francis Otiato, the chairman of the committee and the MCA for Yimbo East Ward. The Committee found the claims to be substantiated and they recommended the impeachment.

While voting, some MCAs added that he perpetrated character assassination on the governor of Siaya County. This comes after the deputy governor was accused of feeding the media false information about the governor and causing the rift between the two. This created bad press for the governor, his deputy and the County at large.

The differences between James Orengo, Siaya’s governor and William Oduol, his deputy, were causing havoc in Siaya. According to the ODM party, the disagreement between the two caused a halt in the progression of the County.

Governor and deputy governor, siaya county

In the sitting of the County Assembly, the matter was put to question by Speaker George Okonde. Through a roll call, the decision to impeach the deputy governor was unanimously arrived at.

The Siaya County Assembly is afterwards required to write to the Senate on the impeachment. Within this document, they ought to give reasons for the decision they made.

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