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Savara, Bien:  Who is Andrew Kibe?

Bien, Kibe and Sauti Sol

 Savara and Bien publicly admitted they have no idea who Andrew Kibe is.


This comes after Andrew Kibe aired his disappointment on his YouTube channel after being allegedly snubbed during the band’s US tour. Kibe admitted that he did not expect to be turned down by the Sauti Sol band members.

Savara, Bien:  Who is Andrew Kibe?
Sauti Sol Band during a live performance.PHOTO COURTESY

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On the other hand, Savara Mudigi and Bien Baraza denied snubbing Andrew Kibe during their tour in the US.

Addressing his fans, Savara is seen questioning a friend on who Andrew Kibe is before stating he does not know him.

“I’ve never checked him out. Who is he? Does he have an online radio? Does he do some dope stuff? What kind of media, one that needs people to click on pages, meaningful media or what kind of media does he do?”

“Who is he, like those people who give social commentary or what? No, I don’t know him. I can’t ignore someone I don’t know,” said Savara.

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During a phone interview with Milele FM’s Ankali, Bien was questioned who Andrew Kibe is and he said has never met him. “I don’t know that man. I don’t know who Kibe is.

I’m surprised people are talking about Kibe I don’t know him, I’ve never seen him or even heard of him. Is he an artist who sings or what does he do? I’ve never met him,” said Bien.

The vocal social media influencer admitted that he did not expect to be turned down by the Sauti Sol band.

Savara, Bien:  Who is Andrew Kibe?
Sauti Soul band. PHOTO COURTESY

“While I’m there I tell the promoters I want to meet Sauti Sol because I’m a big deal, I know that plus I totally enjoy their music and he answered me saying they are not interested.”

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“I had a humbling moment and came back to earth. Sometimes you might walk around thinking you are a big deal, but you are not. What I’m doing here is nothing,” he ranted.

“I hold no grudge against Chimano” Andrew Kibe

He added that he holds nothing against Willis Austin commonly known as Chimano. ‘I have uploaded two or so videos of him but find him a completely wonderful musician. I have nothing against him nor his lifestyle.’

The former media personality aired his disappointment through his YouTube channel.

The channel was started after relocating to the US. Before leaving, Kibe launched his radio station.

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“I gave my notice three months ago because I was being censored on the content I could put out on national radio.”

On social media, I can put out whatever I want without limitations, things I couldn’t say on the radio. I am glad to have worked with Kamene and I hope she will join me in the digital space as well,” he said at the time.


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