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Rick Ross Unveils Customized Plane Taking Luxury to New Heights

Rick Ross has once again demonstrated his commitment to the lavish lifestyle by upping his luxury game, he recently showcased the customization of his recently acquired 18-passenger plane.


American rapper, film producer, and entrepreneur Rick Ross showed his excitement when he proudly unveiled his new and customized luxurious plane, complete with the name “Maybach Airlines.”

Rick Ross Unveils Customized Plane Taking Luxury to New Heights.
Rick Ross Unveils Customized Plane Taking Luxury to New Heights. Photo/Credits.

The luxurious aircraft is painted in an elegant black, with a display of Rick Ross’s name in opulent gold along its sides. Thee music executive took to social media to express his enthusiasm, writing, “Sky is the limit… Maybach Airlines reaching new heights.”

Inside the plane there is a spiraling décor and cutting-edge automated features, including a self-folding table and shades that effortlessly draw with the click of a button. The attention to detail and opulent design reflects Ross’s commitment to offering nothing but the finest experiences.

Amidst his joyous celebration, Ross took a moment to connect with his fans and followers.

“I’m looking for a song I can do that money dance to, I gotta do something for you all,” 

The music executive announced his acquisition of the new airplane two months ago building anticipation among his dedicated fan base. Ross further marked this milestone by inviting his mom on the aircraft’s inaugural ride.

Rick Ross Unveils Customized Plane Taking Luxury to New Heights.
Artist Rick Ross performing for his fans. Photo/Credits.

He captured the moment on video, asking his super excited mother, “Ella, what does it feel like, baby? What does it feel like?”

 The exterior of the plane showcased exquisite green, red, and blue spiral lines going across the sides of its sterling white exterior.

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In yet another video, Ross provided a glimpse into the spacious and luxurious interior of the aircraft. His mother was comfortably lounging in one of the sleek beige leather seats, perfectly impressed by the air of elegance and comfort that Ross is able to provide to his esteemed passengers.

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