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President Ruto Highlights Djibouti’s Geostrategic Potential and Diplomatic Influence

In a recent speech, President Ruto emphasized the rising geostrategic potential of Djibouti, highlighting the significance it has in the context of globalization and the increasing complexity of geopolitics.


His excellency recognized Djibouti as a favorable input for effective global strategy and a key security actor in the region.

The president also acknowledged Djibouti’s diplomatic prominence, emphasizing its status as a diplomatic hub of great reputation. The fact that the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) chose Djibouti as its headquarters was not a mere coincidence.

He praised Djibouti for its efforts in mobilizing effective consensus among IGAD member states on crucial regional issues related to environmental peace and security.

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President Ruto said, “I also appreciate Djibouti’s role under the leadership of his excellence President Ismail  Omar Guelleh. In leading the fact-finding mission to assist in the resolution of maritime dispute with a friendly neighbor. Your good officers have been a tremendous source of comfort.”

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