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Netflix: Wednesday Beats Stranger Things to Become Most-Watched English Show

Wednesday is now the most-watched English-language series on Netflix, surpassing Season 4 of the popular series Stranger Things.


‘Stranger Things’ has maintained a firm hold on the charts since its premiere in 2022, but now ‘Wednesday’ has overtaken its mighty forerunner as the most-viewed English series.

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According to Deadline, the feat by Wednesday is an outstanding achievement considering the fact that Stranger Things Season 4 benefitted from its epic 13-hour runtime on Netflix.

These statistics come at a time when Netflix is changing its reporting on viewership metrics. In the new method by Netflix, views, which are determined by dividing the number of hours seen by the overall runtime, will now be used to describe the platform’s average viewership, according to Deadline.

 The new metrics are expected to assist the company to define its current Top 10 rankings and its best-of-all list. In order to reward longevity, the time period for this new metric is now extended from 28 to 91 days.

Netflix’s new way of calculating views isn’t exactly perfect. Of course, it assumes that every time a user watches a new piece of content, they make it all the way through every single time, which is ultimately inflating unique views.

Deadline reported

Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega revealed that the second season of the show would steer clear of any established romantic storylines in favor of emphasizing the darker, supernatural aspects of the television series. Although it has not been confirmed when the second season of the show is expected to air, her sentiments are a confirmation that fans should await a second season of the show.

The statistics have stirred up mixed reactions from Netflix fans, some say that they don’t understand how the show beat Stranger Things within such a short amount of time despite the show having a storyline that seems to fit a much younger audience.

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Some other fans have attributed the show’s success to the main character Jenna Ortega, saying that she was the perfect fit for the character.


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