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Nasra Yusuff Has Declares Herself A Millionaire

The finance bill has been a point for discussion for not only law makers but also the citizens of Kenya. With the already high cost of living, most Kenyans are not excited about the bill being passed as it affects all sectors like the common mama mboga, beauty products like wigs and agricultural products. The bill also targets content creators like Nasra Yusuff with a 15% withholding tax.


Eric Omondi has shared his frustration with content creators being taxed while member of parliament Jalang’o has said, the content creators brought it upon themselves by flaunting their money on social media. A while back, President Ruto invited Butita and Njugush and said they both make more money than he does and called them entrepreneurs.

The former Churchill show comedian, Nasra Yusuff took to her socials to declare herself a millionaire. She added that she was looking forward to the 15% tax that was proposed on the Finance Bill, that would see content creators taxed 15%.

Nasra and ex husband
Nasra and ex husband. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Nasra Yusuff has been on headlines before with her charitable act towards the North Eastern people who were affected by drought. Through her social media platform she created awareness of what was happening in North Eastern Kenya and asked her folllowers to help her fundraise money to feed those people affected by drought in Northern Kenya, In less than a week she managed to raise over 600000 Kenya shillings and used it to buy food items such as rice, beans and cooking oil.

The comedian has been vulnerable by sharing to her socials that her and her husband, Director Rashid were getting divorced and she also shared her tough time when she miscarriage her child.

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