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Nameless Opens Up: The Reasons Behind My Decision to Undergo Vasectomy

Nameless, a pop musician star explains his reason behind the vasectomy after having their third child.


 Kenyan artist Nameless and his wife Wahu recently had their third child, a baby girl. The two also disclosed that Nameless undertook a vasectomy immediately after welcoming his third child.

The celebrated pop musician explained their reason for the serious action saying they need no more kids.

Artist, Nameless. PHOTO COURTESY

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The two artists declared that their family is complete with their three beautiful daughters. The three daughters namely Tumiso,Nyakio and Shiro.

In an interview, Nameless said the reason behind the vasectomy was for them not to have more children.

 “We have three daughters, and we are one with that. I have gone for a vasectomy because I saw it wise to take matters into my own hands,” he said.

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Netizens got disturbed after the delivery of a baby girl as most expected a boy. Nameless had this to say concerning the matter.

“Am not affected by lack of having a son “Nameless.

“Closing this chapter without a male child does not to have more children affect me. As long as you have a child who is healthy and you are doing your best, even if it is not 100 per cent, you are supposed to be a guide to the child as a parent.”

Nameless said.

He added that it never affects him am most importantly, having kids who are healthy is all that matters.

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Wahu’s words never differed from that of her husband. During an interview, she stated that they were done having babies.

Having 3 kids is a dream come true

 Quoting her, she said being a mother of three was her dream come true. In addition, she always wished to have three children and finally felt a sense of completeness with their family.

“I used to hear people and other women say, they are done having children and I used to wonder what that feeling of being done was.

I finally know that feeling She emphasized her happiness and gratitude for being a mother of three, as it had always been her dream.

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“I am done since I always wanted three babies and I am so happy about being a mother of three. It has always been my dream and since I have achieved it, I am done.”

Wahu concluded.

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