Nairobi Diaries Stars After The Show: Pendo, Prezzo, Mustafa

The reality show, Nairobi Diaries, which premiered in 2015 brought lots of Kenyan stars to the spotlight. From socialites and musicians to actors and actresses.


The unscripted show which followed the lives of different celebrities and personalities in Nairobi suddenly stopped airing in 2018. There were speculations as to the reason for the sudden death of the show being payment issues.

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Some of the stars in the reality show were rapper Noti Flow, musician Prezzo, mother and socialite Vera Sidika, actress Mishi Dora, musician Colonel Mustapha, and ghetto princess Pendo. So what have they been up to after the show;

The rapper, whose real name is Jackson Makini, was known in the show for always showcasing his lavish lifestyle.

Prezzo CMB. Photo: COURTESY

The rapper is recognized for being a trailblazer in the Kenyan music industry. After Nairobi Diaries stopped airing, Prezzo went on with his life and kept on releasing more music. The ‘My city, my town’ hitmaker, however, has not shied away from reminding his fans online that he is living large.

After Nairobi Diaries stopped airing, Vera has probably been the most popular and controversial of the cast.

Vera Sidika. Photo: COURTESY

Vera Sidika ventures into entrepreneurship, running her beauty and cosmetic care brands. She is now happily married to Tanzanian musician Brown Mauzo and together they have two children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown.
She features in the reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Nairobi’ together with women like; Susan Kaitanny, Minne Kariuki and others.

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The ‘ghetto princess’ was known on the Nairobi Diaries show as a firecracker who was not afraid of confrontation. She had differences with several of the cast members including Vera Sidika.

Pendo. Photo: COURTESY

After the show stopped airing, she went ahead to forge a career out of her skills, hosting events and venturing into brand influencing as well. She keeps showcasing her lavish lifestyle online and was recently rumored to be dating radio presenter Oga Obinna after controversial photos of the two together emerged online. The presenter, however, denied the claims.

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Mishi has probably been the most private of the former cast. The proud mother of three went ahead to make a name for herself in the acting industry after Nairobi Diaries stopped airing, even featuring in a Nollywood film ‘Olaedo’.

Mishi Dorah. Photo: COURTESY

Despite keeping her affairs private, she has also been the face of controversy, going to jail for 38 days in June last year. She recently wedded her Indian boyfriend in a private wedding in Kisumu.

  • Colonel Mustafa

The musician, who was known in the Nairobi Diaries reality show for dating rapper Noti Flow. The musician has been recognized for his musical prowess and he came into the limelight through his music.

Colonel Mustafa. Photo: COURTESY

After Nairobi Diaries stopped airing in 2018, Mustafa has been fairly silent until recently when he revealed that he has been struggling to make ends meet. The rapper was the talk of town when he was pictured working in a mjengo. The rapper went on to reveal that he was trying to make enough money to cater for his ailing mother’s chemotherapy. Fans and celebrities rallied behind the rapper, contributing money to support him during these hard times.

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It would be nice to get another season of the reality show once again, but whether the reality show will be back on our screens or not is up to the producers of the show.


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