“My Son has Only Kept One Secret From Me” Colonel Mustafa’s Mother Speaks on Her Journey Battling Cancer

It has been weeks now since veteran singer Colonel Mustafa came out with news of his mother battling cancer. During an interview with Eve Mungai, the musician’s mother broke down while she narrated her story to the budding journalist.


Mustafa’s mother said her health has improved much and began by thanking Kenyans and friends of Mustafa for their heartfelt support and well wishes. She disclosed that she began ailing in 2021 and has since been to various hospitals both in Tanzania and Kenya in pursuit of treatment. After several misdiagnosis cases and attempts to treat herself, the woman’s health took a turn for the worse in 2022. She narrated that she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent a series of tests, X-rays and ultrasounds.

Breast cancer and Cervical cancer are among the cancers she underwent screening for. However, results turned out negative for the two cancers although some signs indicated cases of Hydro nephrosis ( a condition where the kidney has excess fluid), Kidney Stones and back problems. It was while she was undergoing treatment for Kidney Stones that things got worse. When her sister intervened, she took her to a Kidney Specialist in Tanzania who, after performing a CT scan on her, established she had cancer.

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The cancer, she said, had spread all the way from her back, to her kidney, liver and two blood vessels. Colonel’s mother was immediately put on a plane to Nairobi where she was referred to Kijabe. Upon her arrival, she was referred to another hospital where she was finally diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer.

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According to the still vivacious grandmother, the journey has been tough and highly emotional. She said that they even had to stop her chemotherapy sessions due to accumulating hospital bills. Her health deteriorated and she has gone from 96kgs to 60kgs since the beginning of her ailment. The loving mother narrated that through it all, her children, friends and family have supported her. She described her son Mustafa as a very good child and her best friend. In fact, the two are so close because Mustafa took care of his mother as a personal nurse would.

This explains her disappointment when she found out about her son’s Mjengo side hustle from the internet. The mother confessed that it is the only secret her son has ever kept from her in her entire life. She vividly recalled Colonel Mustafa’s glory days from his debut in music with his hit song Monalisa to his fallout with Ogopa DJs. In tears, she narrated how she richly benefited from Mustafa’s success back in the day.

Although the proud mother harbours no ill feelings towards the person that filmed her son working at the construction site, she is grateful however that it happened. She is also grateful to God for sustaining her health and to everyone that joined hands in helping her foot her medical bills. She says the doctor’s reports on her improvement are promising as the size of her cancer has reduced by half. From 10cm to 5cm. Colonel Mustafa’s mother also added that the musician has an elder sister also battling Cancer.

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Kenyans continue to support her and wish her well through online contributions and prayers.


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