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Mother-in-Law and Wife Fight Over Food at Wedding Leading to Divorce

A Nigerian man has filed for divorce two days after getting married.


Abdallah’s wife and mother got into a disagreement over food that turned physical at the wedding reception, where both were seen slapping each other.

Mother-in-law and daughter fight over food during a wedding. Photo Credit

Abdullah refused to listen to his mother who pleaded with him to put the incident behind him and forgive his wife. He went as far as filing for divorce two days later over his wife’s misconduct.

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Abdullah A Abdullah, who is a zoologist shared this story online seeking advice from people. He said it all started when a couple from the groom’s mother’s side graced the occasion at a time when the food was finished. At this point, a portion of the food the bride set aside for her parents was the only thing remaining.

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The mother-in-law approached her daughter-in-law and asked to get some of the food to give the couple as it would be unfair if they got nothing after coming from afar.

The bride, however, refused saying the food was for her parents. Even after pleading with the wife, the mother-in-law scooped some food herself with a plate, but the bride took back the food and poured it in.

The incident got to her nerves and the mother-in-law slapped her son’s wife, who in turn retaliated. The said that when he learnt what had happened, he chose not to make a scene but rather went on to file for a divorce.

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Abdullah still refuses to listen to his mother and opts to go on with the divorce. His mother is still pleading with him, but Abdullah seems to have made his choice of losing his wife in a food scandal despite even his own mother telling him to let it go.

The question remains, did he even love the lady enough to marry her in the first place? Or was it just a convenient excuse that he opportunely grabbed at to call it quits?


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