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Mwalimu Rachel Clears The Air Again About Sailors Gang Fall

Mwalimu Rachel has cleared the air once again, about the fall of Sailors Gang asking them not to blame anyone because they got greedy.

In a video Peter, who was part of Sailor Gang shared a new narrative how a record label and not Rachel, led to them breaking down after signing a deal and why today they are no more, in the industry even after recording great hit that many called anthems such ‘Paukwa…pakawa’


“Tonight I shall use my voice…when I was accused of theft, killing Sailors career and other crimes, I tried to speak. Some listened but as usual KOT threw stones. I weathered the storm, put my head down, stayed prayed up, true to who I am and surrounded myself with my true friends, who knew me and what I was going through. Now the cracks are starting to show. Almost 3 years later! My God knows how I have been suffering.” Mwalimu Rachel posted on her Instagram stories.

“Stop blaming cartels, you got greedy. You lacked patience. I warned you. Instead you went out tarnishing my name, saying I stole from you 15 million per month. Lol. Sasa kinawaramba. Nilisema one day the truth shall come out” Mwalimu Rachel wrote.

The video that was done by Peter explaining how they signed a rogue deal, has got Kenyan reacting to the whole scenario and accusation that were made of Mwalimu Rachel.

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“Tunaweza kuwa tunahate mwalimu Rachael bure kuna story nimeskia peter wa sailors akichapiana na sijui niseme.” Boniface commented.

“Sailor walifumble ajab. Alafu wakaanza kuekelea rachael” Cole commented.

“Sikuwai taka kujudge mwalimu Rachel juu Kuna stori Moja wa sailors aliongelea akisema sijui walitokwa 15m ya streams…15m ilitoka wapi within 2 years..” UTD Loya commented.

The story and reality being on the face of many Kenyan and their followers, is still hard, painful to many that the great band are no more again amongst many other genge tone group such ethics that also collapsed.

Was the collapse necessary or was the genre just a wave?


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