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 Manzi wa Kibera Kneels Down, Begs Forgiveness from 67-year-old Bae

The star Manzi wa Kibera and her bae are back to together.


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Socialite Wambo aka Manzi wa Kibera and her ex-fiancé the 67-year-old man have reconciled. This is after the couple made an announcement to their fans on their reconciliation.

Manzi wa Kibera posing for a photo with Bae. PHOTO COURTESY

 in an official announcement to their fans. The couple is said to have soughed their issues is a top-secret meeting.

 The two treated fans to a delightful forgiveness moment. Manzi wa Kibera went on her knees to beg his ex-fiancé for forgiveness and made the moment emotional for her level of humility.

The moment was captured by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko captured the moment and fans reacted hilariously as she pleaded with the old man.

Wambo aka Manzi wa Kibera celebrated their make-up by feeding his man a drink using.

“I got my title deed” the 67-year -old said.

The man’s identity is still unknown but, in an interview, he told Kioko that he had gotten what he wanted referring to his tittle deed.

A few weeks ago, he told they had split and was heartbroken. He demanded that Wambo return the title deed, and she responded by telling him that she had used all the money.

“Nikawambia kama umeleta hiyo ni sawa sawa kabisa. Sababu hiyo ndio mambo ya mwisho yetu,” the 67-year-old admitted.

The 67-year-old has now assured Manzi wa Kibera aka Wambo that they will go and build a home with that title as a way to show his commitment to her.

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Manzi wa Kibera told Kioko that she has many regrets about how they broke up and that’s why she had to apologize and make up with his man.

“Vile tuu vitu zote nilionyesha mzae. Si ni ujinga zake ndio zilifanya tufike hapo but babe I’m sorry,” as she got down on her knees to issue her apology.

“I’m very sorry kwa kukufanyia kila kitu, please forgive me,” the 22-years –old socialite asked him.

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He forgave her and kissed her forehead, telling her not to repeat her mistake. The socialite also urged him not to cheat on her again or send Mpesa to women.

She joyously told her fans that the wedding is back on they just have to settle somethings and get back to the fans.

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“The wedding is now back on. The nuptials will be next month. Hata ni mwezi ujao, and nitaongea na yeye, lakini wacha tujipange, we will report back,” Mzae hinted.


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