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Kenya Spends 119 Million to Evacuates its Citizens from Khartoum

Amid fights in Sudan, Khartoum, Kenya evacuates its citizens from the war-stricken area. The cost for the rescue mission carried out is 119 million.

Kenya evacuates its citizens from Khartoum
Evacuees by Kenyan Government from Khartoum.Photo/Credits

The treasury stated Article 223 of the constitution for them to warrant the funds for the removal of Kenyans. The treasury presented it before the parliament as part of the supplementary budget II on Wednesday last week. 

Kenya withdrew this emergency fund on May 3 and managed to repatriate more than 900 citizens found in Sudan when the war erupted. The armed fight is between the regular army chief, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the commander of the Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

The treasure managed to cut the budget by 31 billion in the second mini-budget presented. This was mentioned hours before the CS Treasury read the speech on the new finance budget to be enacted on July 1st. In reference to the urgency of the rescue mission, CS Alfred Mutua mentioned that over 900 Kenyans had been rescued.

Fighting between these two leaders turned into armed exchanges on April 15. This happens after the military coup led by both groups in 2019 to oust Omar Al-Bashir, the president at the time. The two leaders had a falling out after the ousting of Omar. Their fallout has delayed elected civilian rule in Sudan and was the main reason for ousting Omar.

The two fighting parties have flouted ceasefire requests placed on them. They have heeded some and neglected others. A ceasefire was extended on Sunday by 72 hours to help in the negotiations for peace.

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The evacuation comes after Ruto claims that the warring generals do not want to heed calls from other bodies. They aren’t listening to Intergovernmental Authority on Development IGAD, AU, and even the international community.

Kenyan survivors of armed fight in Sudan. Photo/Credits

Many foreign governments are evacuating their citizens from this war zone either by air or sea. The roads have been blocked by the groups fighting and cannot aid transport. 

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