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Egypt introduces entry visa for all Sudanese as triuce ends

In response to the conclusion of the recent ceasefire agreement and as part of heightened security measures, Egypt has reversed its visa exemption policy for Sudanese citizens, including children, women, and individuals over the age of 50.


The ceasefire agreement, which provided a temporary respite for civilians to access essential supplies and seek refuge, has now concluded. Consequently, Egyptian authorities have implemented stricter entry regulations in an effort to enhance border control and ensure national security.

According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), the ongoing conflict between Army General Al Burhane and paramilitary commander Dagalo has resulted in the loss of over 1,800 lives after nearly two months of fighting.

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The United Nations reports that the conflict has also led to the displacement of nearly two million people, with approximately 476,000 individuals seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

Egypt has recently revoked a visa exemption previously granted to children, women, and elderly individuals in light of the ongoing conflict between Army General Al Burhane and paramilitary commander Dagalo. As a result, all Sudanese citizens will now be required to obtain visas before crossing the Egyptian border.

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The decision to reverse the visa exemption was announced by the Egyptian foreign ministry on Saturday, June 10. The ministry cited the need to address “illegal activities,” including instances of fraud, as the primary reason behind the policy change. Egypt, however, emphasized that it still welcomes approximately 200,000 Sudanese nationals.

To ensure a smooth and organized entry process for Sudanese citizens, Egypt’s foreign ministry has equipped its consulates in Sudan with the necessary electronic devices to implement these new visa regulations effectively. This measure aims to facilitate a structured and regulated system for Sudanese nationals crossing the Egyptian border.


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