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Kenya Reveals Team for Billie Jean King Cup

Tennis Kenya has announced its team lineup for the highly anticipated Billie Jean King Cup Africa Group Three Tournament, marking a significant moment for the nation’s tennis scene.


The squad, led by Angelo Okutoyi, the 2022 Wimbledon Junior Doubles Champion, comprises of four players and two reserves who are eager to create a mark on home soil. This event holds immense importance for Okutoyi, who recently secured a scholarship to study in the United States, as it allows her to represent her country at a major tournament.

Kenya Reveals Team for Billie Jean King Cup.
Angelo Okutoyi. PHOTO/ Courtesy.

In an interview, Okutoyi expressed her excitement, stating, “It feels great. I’m always happy to represent my country, and now I’m able to represent my country on home soil, so it feels special. What I’m really looking forward to is giving my team a point, a score on the board. But most importantly, I’m focusing on taking each match one at a time, facing each player from each country.”

The Billie Jean King Cup has returned to Africa after nearly three decades with Nairobi set to host twelve nations from across the continent. The competition, categorized as Group Three, will offer the overall winner an opportunity for promotion to the Europe, Africa Group Two tier. The anticipation is high, and spectators can expect to witness fiercely competitive matches.

Team coach, in an interview, expressed confidence in the squad, saying, “Everybody wants to be promoted. The girls are ready. We have a whole group of girls coming in who have been playing college tennis. With such talented players, the event promises to be very exciting.”

Kenya’s team hopes to leverage the home crowd advantage as a driving force to win the title. The coach emphasized the significance of strong fan support.

“It’s a hundred percent crucial. If we can fill this stadium, which is quite spacious, with everyone clapping and cheering, it will make the girls feel at home. The stage is set, and the Kenyan team is ready to battle it out against 11 other nations, vying for that coveted promotion to Group Two.” He said.

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Kenya Reveals Team for Billie Jean King Cup.
Kenya Reveals Team for Billie Jean King Cup. PHOTO/ Courtesy.

With determination and home advantage on their side, the Kenyan team is poised to showcase their talent and compete fiercely against nations from across the continent. Tennis enthusiasts eagerly await this exciting tournament in Nairobi, where dreams will be pursued and champions will emerge.

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