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Kenya pledges to be neutral in the search for peace in Sudan


Kenya assures their neutrality during the search for peace in Sudan. IGAD announced that it would continue with the decision made at the summit, to seek peace in Sudan.

search for peace in Sudan through IGAD
Kenya was given the mandate to lead peace talks in Sudan. PHOTO/Credits

There are some protestors from Khartoum who were against Nairobi leading the project. Sudan protestors accused Ruto of harboring the RSF now termed rebels by Al-Burhan. With this accusation, they were against Ruto leading the IGAD Summit for peace in Sudan.

On Monday, four countries charged with the responsibility of establishing peace met. The four countries also called the quartet include Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and South Sudan. They are tasked with the mandate to draw up a plan for the Sudan peace bid. 

In a meeting held in Djibouti last week, IGAD agreed that Sudan’s peace was the priority. The Ordinary Assembly, the AU, as well as the Sudanese parties and stakeholders, agreed to put the citizens first in decision-making. They are to ensure that the requests and concerns of the Sudanese people are considered and met. 

They all agreed to launch an all-inclusive political process for Sudan. The aim is to achieve peace and carry out a peaceful transition to democratic and civilian rule. The meeting will be held in Kenya in mid-July or the first week of August. 

The struggle of citizens during the fight in Sudan.PHOTO/Credits

A few of the citizens protested the decision to drop South Sudan as the leader of the quartet. In addition to this, the two leaders fighting are against meeting face-to-face to address the reason for their fight. This comes after IGAD decided that the two leaders meet and have a dialogue. 

Sudan has been condemned by the AU and is therefore suspended from voting in the meeting. Due to this, Burhan and Hemedti ( the leaders of the groups fighting) will have to meet face-to-face. 

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