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Kanye West Gets Backlash As He Celebrates 46th Birthday

Kanye West celebrated his 46th birthday in a rare style involving naked women and sushi, which raised a lot of questions among people.


Kanye had a Japanese-style birthday where guests dined in a traditional practice called Nyotaimori, where sushi is served on a naked woman’s body.

This was not taken well mainly because Kanye, who has been running the Gospel-oriented Sunday Service show since 2019, should have considered his nine-year-old daughter was also at the party and made it more suitable for young children.

Also spotted was Bianca Censorri holding hands with North West as they were heading to Kanye’s party. On a Tiktok video, Bianca confirmed what was seen to be rumours, that she is married to Kanye West.

Bianca is the architectural designer for Yeezy from Australia. Kanye had been linked with many women after his divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian, who they have four kids with and was married for six years.

Kanye and North

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Kanye got to celebrate his birthday despite the really rough situation he is currently going through with lawsuits being filed against him from Gap, a photographer and a former teacher of Donda Academy, over an alleged breach of contract, assault and battery and illegal firing respectively.

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