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Kim Kardashian Has No Fashion Sense Without Kanye West

Kim Kardashian West won the Fashion Icon Awards in 2019. She was undoubtedly deserving of the award after many trends she started like biker shorts and nude heels.


The KKW era was a fashion statement moment for her. The colour palette was perfect, with the right shades of neutral that matched her skin tone. The signature palette distinguished her from other celebrities. Her style was so unique to her that it was almost unattainable.

You could tell it took work and creativity. No one had her style. Keeping with the Kim Kardashian brand she would show skin or wear tight clothing in a new direction. When she covered up she was still gorgeous and stunning and you could tell she dressed to represent her husband and kids.

Kim Kardashian at the CFDA 2019

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Her trip to Rome after her divorce rumours sparked rumours all over the media, is when Kim took a turn to different styling techniques. She was no longer representing the family woman or worthwhile trend-setting outfits. It was as if looking at Kim Kardashian in 2010 only now with more expensive clothes.

Well, keeping it neutral was a good call, it is what is keeping her relevant as a fashion icon. Her new style lacks coordination and looks like it screaming for help. Struggling is what it’s giving. She now dresses like every other celebrity, the supremacy and unattainable she had is now too relatable.

Does, Kim Kardashian need a man in her life to guide her style, is being the face of a brand what guides her style, or does she need to admit her own style is not as good?


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