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Jemutai goes on Mombasa holiday with Kids in absence of Prof Hamo

Comedian Jemutai has been sharing photos and videos with her two kids, on vacation to Mombasa.


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Netizens and fans have noticed that her husband, Prof Hamo, has been missing in action. Fans didn’t hesitate to ask where Mzee is referring to Comedian Prof Hamo.

Comedian Jemutai and her two kids.PHOTO COURTESY

Hamo was nowhere to be seen in the photos and videos Jemutai filmed during the vacation with kids.

For a few months now, the once-upon-a-time lovebirds have not been seen together and neither do they feature prominently on each other’s social handles like before.

The mother of two shared a video at her Kitengela house displaying her luxurious furniture.

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Her two kids were goofing around the house before flying to Mombasa for vacation.

 The comedian dressed in a long pink gown which accentuated her physical features., The three looked happy.

The creative content creator has been sharing photos and videos from their vacation, showing off their luxurious hotel with great views.

Reacting to the video, some fans congratulated Jemutai, claiming she was pregnant with her third child. Surprisingly, Jemutai didn’t respond to the pregnancy rumors.

Netizens were impressed by Jemutai video with her kids, and reacted saying they adored the courage she has even after being betrayed saying ‘‘Mwanamke ni kujikaza mama”.

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 “Wapi our in-law Hamo Jemutai Comedian?” Cherop Zenah also asked.

Jemutai admits she and Hamo started dating back in 2015

 It was reported that Jemutai revealed she started dating Hamo in 2015 after she joined Churchill Show.

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Five months after becoming famous, she got pregnant with him. Speaking in an interview with The Kisiangani Podcast, Jemutai said she was 24 by then and very naive when she got into a relationship with the comedian. Jemutai said she was forced to move out of her mother’s house and rented a KSh5,000 house, bought a mattress and used to sleep on the floor.


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