Kamluhya Kangu: Jackie Matubia on her baby’s Healthy Appetite

Actress Jackie Matubia recently embarked on a well-deserved getaway with her daughters, Zari and Zendaya accompanied by friends and fellow celebrities, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby.


The popular actress celebrated her last-born daughter’s first birthday in the coastal region and also revealed her face. The getaway was to create memories and make the experience magical.

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Actress Jackie Matubia and Baby Daya. PHOTO COURTESY

While vacationing and soaking up the sun, Jackie Matubia took a video of Baby Zendaya mercilessly devouring a piece of chicken.

The mother of two equated her daughter’s appetite for chicken to that of Zendaya’s origin.

Blessings Lung’aho and Jackie Matubia. Photo courtesy

Zendaya’s plate was introduced to the rich tapestry of Swahili dishes as they vacationed at the coast.

“Kamluhya kangu, this one does not play with food.” Jackie Matubia wrote.

Jackie Matubia gushed over Daya’s appetite calling her “Kamluhya Kangu”. She wrote saying it definitely originated from her father’s homeland.

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The actress had previously shared photos of her daughter from behind or with her face obscured.

The father, the well-celebrated actor Blessings Lung’aho hails from the famous Luhya land, where netizens do not play with food. Jackie wrote:

Baby Zendaya in her mom’s arms. PHOTO COURTESY

The one-year-old Zendaya Nyambura, was born in June 2022 and turned one this month. The princess’s face was however revealed on June 5 2023.

Followers and fans shared their thoughts on Jackie’s new bundle of joy after the face reveal and on the video.

“The only thing that is not eaten by a Luhya is just stones.” Metrine Nekesa.

Another supported and said, “Proud to be a Luhya, Nyambura representing us well in Luhya land.” Wangui Wa Njenga.

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Netizens commented on the video admiring and calling baby Zendaya beautiful and healthy.

Baby Zendaya Nyambura.PHOTO COURTESY

“Proud to be a Luhya.” one follower commented, while Wangui Wa Njenga said: “Nyambura representing us well in Luhya land.”

Matubia and Blessings Lung’aho break up rumours.

Speculation about their relationship status has been rife over the past few months, with reports suggesting that the two have quietly separated and are no longer together.

However, neither Matubia nor Lung’aho has publicly addressed these rumours.

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Fans of Blessing Lung’aho have taken note of his recent social media activity, questioning the status of their relationship.

One of the fans asked why he hadn’t posted a birthday message for his child, suggesting it could be a publicity stunt.

Writing on Blessing’s post, debbyk_rn said, “Si you post hata mtoi happy birthday yawa. Hata kama ni clout.”

On May 30, Jackie Matubia candidly told her followers that 2023 had been a challenging year for her.


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