Nannies Deserve to be Treated Well

Nannies scandals are everywhere and to curb this we ought to appreciate, and treat them with care since it affects how our children will be treated.


For instance, giving them decent environments to work into contributes on how the house chores are done. But in most cases we subject them to deplorable working conditions.

PHOTO/Courtesy: A woman reading to two little girls.

Unfortunately, these will never motivate anyone however much one adores their work.

Providing quality time to rest is also a considerable factor at hand. Just like any other human, nannies need rest considering the kind of house chores one handles on a daily basis as well as the number of kids they look after.

Do you properly feed your nanny? They require energy to handle whatever kind of work they do as well as care for your kids, give them that motherly care they miss in your absence.

Most individuals do the exact opposite, some nannies are not even fed and we still expect them to love and cherish our children at all cost.

Nannies Deserve to be Treated Well.
PHOTO/Courtesy: Infancy. Adorable African American Infant Baby Sitting In Bed Smiling To Camera At Home.

Our world is not void to cruel individuals who only want to inflict pain; unprovoked and malicious pain. The anger we instill in our nannies is most likely taken out on our kids. We are human and in our makeup, one would choose to follow their evil psyche

In most cases, nannies revenge by hurting kids mostly for our own mistakes. This mounts to dangerous situations when caution is not taken. Most likely we hear scandals such as ‘nannies from hell’.

Showing appreciation to humans as well as treating them with kindness always displays value and we all want to feel loved and valued. When nannies experience such kind of love, for obvious reasons you will rarely have complaints because they would want the same treatment another time.

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In search for nannies, all parents want is a well cultured human being who is humble, caring, loving, selfless and always in a joyful mood.

Nannies Deserve to be Treated Well.
PHOTO/Courtesy: Mature black nanny playing with little boy.

Some will even conduct interviews and assess before hiring. It could be pointless if all that is done and how you treat them differs.

It’s always a garbage in garbage situation, how well you treat and respect your nanny depends on how safe you will feel when they care for your kids in your absence.

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