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How China Intends to Achieve Carbon Neutrality Goal

The Summer Davos forum has consistently focused on the importance of Green development. This year’s event in Tianjin, China has not been different with the discussion mainly focusing on China’s goal of achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.


The National Development and Reform Commission’s data state that since 2012, China’s proportion of clean energy consumption has increased from 14.5 percent to 25.5 percent in 2021.

Additionally, the proportion of coal consumption decreased from 68.5 percent to 56 percent. According to industry insiders, more effort is needed to assist businesses in making efficient transitions to a greener economy.

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According to Liu Maoshu, Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific Region of Honeywell, a manufacturing and technology company, companies in the enterprise level should each set their goals so as to achieve carbon neutrality goal. Doing this, he said, will help China and the world at large achieve energy efficiency, reduce usage and improve their feedstock efficiency.

Adopting new technologies such as feedstock will also help to achieve the carbon neutrality goal according to Mr. Liu.

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Deloitte’s Chief Strategic Officer, Asia Pacific Region, Thierry Dellmarcelle said that the first step to innovation is to have a goal that will not only serve your customers but society at large.

“Nowadays, innovation is very much linked to technology, and therefore anti companies to innovate need to reach a higher level of digital maturity,” he said.

During the forum, companies were sharing some of their innovative methods that boost green development. Last month, Honeywell, which is among the top aerospace providers in the world launched its new solution called Sustainable Aviation Fuel SAF which reduces carbon emission.

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“ The China aviation industry is a very big industry and also is growing very much recently and to achieve sustainable growth. The only way to do is to introduce their sustainable aviation fuel,” Mr. Liu said.


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