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He Loves My Dark Skin: Akothee reveals her Hubby’s Secret

The 43-year-old musician is grateful she never bleached her skin as her husband Denis Schweizer aka Omosh, might not have been in her life.


On Thursday, Akothee posted that Omosh might not have come into her life last year if she had made any changes to her skin.

The revelation comes at a time when the couple is enjoying their honeymoon in Santorini, Greece after getting married in April.

Madam Boss and Omosh.Photo courtesy

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The of five Esther Akoth has revealed that her dark skin means so much to her husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweitzer as it’s the most precious feature about her.

“Akothee is black. What my husband likes the most is my skin. The number of kisses I get because of this skin is huge,” Akothee said. 

Moreover, Esther Akoth aka Akothee mentioned that she gets endless kisses all in the name of her skin which makes her feel treasured.

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On Wednesday, May 31, Denis celebrated his birthday and his wife Madam Boss Akothee showered him with love on the occasion.

While celebrating her husband on Instagram, the mother of five said she is lucky to be his wife.

“Denis Eduard Schweizer Omondi has been my kind of man. I have always wanted someone who can get his hands dirty, strong, crazy, loving, annoying and most of all caring,” Akothee wrote on Wednesday and attached photos of her husband.

Omosh the 7th and Madam Boss alongside Kabi wa Jesus courtesy

“I have always wanted a friend in a relationship, someone who is open-minded and highly understanding because AKOTHEE is an institution with various branches of madness.

Only a man with a little madness can understand Esther, Esther is not a woman of boys, she attracts men and intimidates boys, that’s why AKOTHEE IS THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS.”

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I have no regrets about marrying you

Madam Boss made it clear that she has never regretted tying the knot to Omosh on April 10. “I chose you and this is my husband,” she said.

Months ago, the couple unfortunately miscarried and she assured him that they would soon try again and soon have a child together.

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“I am very happy to start a new journey. Mister Omosh you could have become a father on 22nd July 2023 but the world happens and we will be parents again soon my love.

Allow me to wish you the best. Happy birthday my queen king. Happy birthday The seventh Omondi,” she said.


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