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Glorification of the Sugar Baby and OnlyFans Era

You have probably seen YouTube videos and Tiktok videos of ladies giving tips on how to be a sugar baby and get full interest and investments. They go to the extent of sharing where you can get sugar daddies, be it country or location, what to wear, how to ask for what you want and how to get it.


While Only Fans is a new App that was launched in 2016 by British Tech entrepreneur and investor Timothy Stokely, for users to post exclusive content that their users pay to get access to. The App has little restrictions so the creators can post adult content that the App has gained a reputation for.

The women who get to exchange their bodies for money have managed to detach the emotions that come with it. Men supposedly do the same or most women think so because of how they can have multiple partners. Though sex is a psychological experience for both men and women but women get more attached afterwards.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby

Most of the women who are sugar babies and are content creators in OnlyFans have an underlying trauma that would have come from being sexually abused earlier in their lives or became sexually active at an early age. This causes the woman to want to take back the power she gave away or was taken away from her. She now gives her body on her own terms.

One would argue women in third-world countries, who get married off at a young age do not have the same experience later on as adults. The thing is such women were given an opportunity to celebrate their union with the man who is marrying her and there was a dowry which makes her experience different from a girl who had sex with her teenage crush to try and get his attention when she was only fifteen.

Dubai is known for having lots of sugarbaby

We live in an era where there is an excessive glorification of sugar babies and being in OnlyFans. If you go to a city like Dubai, you will probably bump into a couple at Starbucks. Why engage in one-night stands when you could get money out of it?

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