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Coffee Dates Are Not Real Dates

Your relationship is doomed to fail if your first date is a coffee date. To save you the trouble of heartbreak songs and therapy, say NO to coffee dates.


A man who invites you to coffee dates does not like you enough or is a cheap man. You will find yourself spending the entire date trying to prove you are worth $1000 plus so that he could take you to a bougie restaurant for dinner, which repels a masculine man.

Eventually, you become or give off desperate vibes and that translates to another failed talking stage.

coffee date spot

Ladies, coffee dates are a waste of your money. Let’s do the maths; your make-up costs roughly Ksh 27,000 since you use Fenty or LÓreal products. You spray on your Carolina Herera, Good Girl perfume which costs Ksh 17,000. The dress that you recently got from the new H&M store went for Ksh 8,000. Your heels from Mango that was Ksh 14,000 and a purse from Woolworths that costs Ksh 5,000. All this for a coffee date that costs Ksh 2,000 at your local Java.

You cannot get princess treatment if you say yes to coffee dates

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Coffee houses are for a grab-and-go, study spot or for a quick thirty minutes meeting, in layman’s language, they are the bare minimum.

For a first date, it’s not an interview. Do something where both of you get to express yourself easily while being free to be authentically you. Kanye West’s first date with Kim Kardashian was playful and clearly sparked something more. With the variety of hidden gems popping up, you are spoilt for choice.

This sets the tone for how he pursues you or not if he is cheap as the relationship progresses.

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