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5 Things Ladies Hate Losing But Still Lose

Ladies are the most complicated creatures on earth. Evidently true because, a lady would rather lose so much in the name of love and trust, but not lose these five items.


Their Favorite Lip gloss/balm

Coming across a lady who uses their tube of lip gloss to completion is almost as rare as seeing a shooting star. Nonetheless, the bond between ladies and their lip moisturizers is stronger than the covalent bond. However, the chances of a girl going back home with her gloss after a girl’s day out are close to zero. Avoiding losing one’s lip gloss is a special skill from the gods themselves.

Their Hair Accessories

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The list is long. From hairbands, clips, pins and bonnets. To head wraps and stockings. In other words, ladies hate losing any item that keeps their hair in good form. However, how they constantly lose them is inexplicable at times.

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Half of Their Favorite Pair of Earrings

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A lady would rather lose the entire pair than lose half of it. It somehow has something to do with the other piece acting as a constant reminder. This is usually either a constant reminder of their carelessness or recklessness. Another interesting fact is that most ladies rarely lose the entire pair at once.

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The Man That Treats Them Nicely

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Nothing hurts a lady more than losing their most favorite man. This man could either be their relative, friend, or lover. It is easier for a lady to open up on the loss of her child or business than on the loss of the man who made them feel special.


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Every lady has gone through that heart-shuttering moment, of either ruining their freshly done nails or losing them all together. This is an experience that is not only limited to ladies who wear artificial nails. Back in the day, smudging one’s nail polish or breaking their favorite toenail was the deal breaker.

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