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Ezekiel Mutua: Fathermoh’s Song ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ Under Siege

Ezekiel Mutua who is the CEO of the Music Cooperate Society of Kenya, has criticized Fathermoh featuring Ssaru ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ hit song, questioning the kind of morals and ideas the songs leave in the minds of a kid.

“Nko na pesa na ni ya babako, enda kaskie vibaya uko kwenu…” The chorus keeps disturbing Ezekiel.

In an interview, Ezekiel Mutua stated that the world already has a lot of hate and negativity, and therefore one of his great mission is to ensure that music can be used to inculcate positive social value among the youth.


Ezekiel being a Christian, also shared how the gospel artist in the industry have given him a hard time being very pessimistic, negative, and lacking faith. He also stated that the majority of the musician don’t come for the Annual General Meeting and yet ask for the law to change.

“The push for drama so that you get to like and views at the expense of morality….calls for introspection,” Ezekiel responded explaining why the gospel artist has been under attack.

“Don’t for God’s sake push drugs on your music, nudity obscenity just to look popular,” Mutua advised.

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Ezekiel however did miss the Kenyan wrath as he was attacked online in different ways.

“He ain’t even got his hairline so he won’t get the message in this hit song too,” Breeze commented.

“Hata hajali hairline iko wapi,anapiga tu cut.” Lenny commented.

“Celebrities won’t and can’t raise kids for you. It’s your job to restrict and teach yourself what’s right and what’s wrong. Nobody owes you shit!” Gloria commented.

Ezekiel also advised secular musicians to lift the many burden people are already suffering through music instead of spreading negativity and hate.

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What is your take on who shapes the music content of the nation, is it the people or the musician?


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