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Vdj_Jones speaks on the silence of Gengetone

Vdj_Jones has opened to speak about the controversial Gengetone sound and artists that only survived a wave and have been silent over time.


He took his frustration on his Instagram post, where he told Kenyans to stop bashing the artist, because Tanzanians are using it to make great music hits.

The popular Kenyan Dj Vdj_Jones also went further to ask the Gengetone artist to wake up and not to be cowards, adding that the mainstream artists, have been defeated to elevate the great Kenyan art and music.

Vdj-Jones did not stop at that as he also touched on gospel ministry and industry stating that Jabidii is the only hardworking artist in that area.

“Gospel industry ni Jabidii tu ako na bidi”. Vdj_Jones mentioned.

Here are some of the popular Genge artist and their popular song that have gone silent:

  • Ethic – Lamba Lolo
  • Sailors – Wamlambez
  • Mbuzi Gang – Itakua Sawa
  • Boondocks Gang – Katambe
  • Gwaash – Sponyo
  • Shay Diva – Sesa
  • Ssaru – Moto
  • Joefes – Aluta
  • Maandy – Mtaani

Gengetone was a popular genre of music in Kenya from 2018 to 2020. It was characterized by its catchy beats, slang-filled lyrics, and often explicit content. The genre quickly gained popularity among young people in Kenya, and it soon spread to other parts of East Africa.

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Some of the reason that led to the decline of Gengetone include the following:
1. Lack of business in the type of music genre

2. Explicit content in the music

3. Repetitive content and plagiarism.

4. The decline of performance and shows during then Covid-19 pandemic

5. The rise of other sound that consumed their audience such as Amapiano and Afrobeat.

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