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Embarambamba Blames Pst Ezekiel for Losing his Youtube Channel


Embarambamba, the popular Kisii gospel musician and content creator, has recently revealed his distress over the loss of his YouTube and TikTok accounts.


In an interview, the controversial entertainer expressed how devastating this setback has been for both his career and personal well-being.

The termination of Embarambamba’s YouTube channel was a direct result of copyright strikes. It was reported that Pastor Ezekiel’s New Life Church issued the copyright strike, claiming that the musician had not obtained proper permission to use a video of Pastor Ezekiel preaching in one of his songs.

“pastor Ezekiel rudisha channel yangu” He captioned on his video.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Embarambamba has appealed to Pastor Ezekiel, urging him to withdraw the copyright strike.

To compound his troubles, Embarambamba woke up to discover that his TikTok account had also been terminated abruptly, without any prior notice or explanation.

This unexpected blow caused him considerable stress, prompting him to create dramatic videos as a coping mechanism.

“I am not doing well. That is why you have been seeing me do a lot of dramatic videos to keep entertaining my followers. Some were worried if I am okay, but it’s due to stress,” Embarambamba said during the interview.

In recent days, one of the singer’s dancing videos went viral on various social media platforms. In the video, he can be seen wearing a red tumbo cut and a grey miniskirt while performing a cheeky dance routine.

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In response to the video and the criticism it garnered, Embarambamba defended his approach.

“This is comedy in the gospel. Being a devout Christian doesn’t mean I cannot incorporate humour into my content. Furthermore, if I don’t create content that attracts my followers, nobody will support me.”

Despite the setbacks, Embarambamba has shown resilience by creating new accounts on both YouTube and TikTok. He is currently appealing to his fans and followers to subscribe and follow him on these platforms, in an effort to rebuild his online presence.

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