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Embarambamba on the Spot for Cross-Dressing

The controversial so-called gospel artist, Embarambamba, is making headlines yet again for the wrong reasons. He has been in the limelight before due to how he is overly dramatic in his music videos. He sometimes is seen rolling on mud, doing acrobatics and doing unusual dance moves.


He has also been on the spot when the public criticised him when he was seen dancing at a club with a lady in a very controversial manner that a supposed gospel artist would not do.

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Recently, the artist made waves on social media when he was seen on a video dancing to a gospel song dressed in a short skirt and a crop top. The artist had also done a music video where he was half naked and had a woman in the video draped in a white towel. This happens to be his style of creating videos that lead Kenyans to be shocked.

This comes after a lot of content creators have embraced cross-dressing when making their content. Male content creators like Crazy Kennar and Flaqo have been seen creating videos while wearing women’s clothes and changing their behaviour to match that of women.

Embarambamba dancing

Kenyans did not hold back when they saw the video and left many comments to the video wherever it was posted. Most comments targeted the Kisii tribe where Embarambamba is from and others target his sanity and personality.

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