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Double Amputee Inspires Many with Her Unyielding Spirit and Determination

A heartwarming story of a Chinese girl by the name, Jiangzhang Ziyi has captivated the public, she is a double amputee from Shangrao city in east China’s Jiangxi province.


Jiangzhang started facing a lot of challenges after losing both her legs at a tragic accident while she was a six-year-old. Despite the challenges she faced, Ziyi’s zealing spirit led her to receive remarkable accomplishments.

The girl’s recent completion of the Gaokao college entrance exam stirred emotions and admiration across the nation, shedding light on her aspirations to inspire others facing physical challenges to embrace strength and happiness every day.

Through this path, she hopes to use her own experiences and talents to empower individuals with disabilities. Ziyi firmly believes that by sharing her story and pursuing her passion, she can serve as a beacon of strength and encouragement for others facing similar obstacles.

Other than successfully completing her college education, Ziyi also discovered solace and connectivity through the art of dance. Despite the physical limitations imposed by her amputations, she yearned to express herself and create beneficial relationships with others.

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Ziyi’s love for dancing led her to participate in a talent show in 2013, where she defied expectations and won the hearts of judges and millions of viewers across the nation. This remarkable achievement not only showcased her extraordinary talent but also demonstrated her unwavering determination and zest for life.

Ziyi’s parents have offered guidance, support and inspiration through her entire journey.They declined donations throughout the years and encouraged Ziyi to foster independence by entrusting on her own abilities rather than the generosity of others.

Their steadfast support and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping Ziyi’s character and fueling her determination. Ziyi always credits her parents’ inspiring influence, they instilled within her the courage and resilience that continuously drive her forward.

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