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BTS: Celebrating 10 Years of K-pop Dominance

BTS released their first song No More Dream 10 years ago in June 2013 and celebrated their tin anniversary together — a great fete for any boyband.


The K-pop stars are known for their upbeat songs, big tours and catchy dance moves, put simply they are the world’s biggest boyband.


The group is currently on a break so some members can serve in the South Korean military.

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Over the last decade, the group has been commended for covering subjects related to mental health in their songs, and Beth says one particular tune called Reflection connected with her.

Even though the group are singing in a foreign language, fans still find the messages about “self-love” and “taking care of yourself” incredibly powerful.

BTS are often credited with spearheading the boom in Korean culture and its rising popularity the world over.

They’ve previously been named as the world’s best-selling artists beating the likes of Taylor Swift and Adele and were the first Korean act to score a chart-topping album in the UK.

The group is also praised for its close relationship with its followers and fans. This has positively impacted their music as it has made BTS an “unstoppable force” and differentiated them from other bands, according to music journalist and K-pop expert Taylor Busby.

“A lot of artists weren’t using social media in a day-to-day way. They were using it [only] for album updates and links to videos.”

“Members of the band often used social media conversations and live streams to open up about their own struggles and vulnerabilities, creating a connection with fans,

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“BTS were right in there, just chatting and fans say they got replies. It really made them feel like there wasn’t that wall that K-pop used to have,” she said.

Taylor says that BTS’ success has “opened the door” for other Korean artists and made the K-pop genre global.


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