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Kenyan BTS Army Proud of Jung Kook’s World Cup Opening Performance

Jung Kook

The Kenyan BTS fans, Kenyan ‘BTS Army’ showed support to the Korean singer and BTS member Jung Kook as he performed at the Qatar world cup opening Ceremony.


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In the comments section of the KBC livestream during the BTS member Jung Kook’s performance, the fans expressed love by commenting with purple heart emojis in the comment section.

The BTS fans took to the socials to convey their support on YouTube and Twitter accounts initially created to stun and praise Jung Kook and the boy band BTS.

A jung kook fan claimed that ‘Dreamers’ the song performed at the World Cup opening Ceremony was the number one song that was trending on iTunes Kenya.

Jung Kook had a good stage presence and danced with passion and vigor throughout his performance.
The song ‘Dreamers’ was to encourage people to believe in their visions, to allow their desires to manifest and make the impossible possible. The song suited the ceremony, as football fans are looking forward to

Jung Kook
Jung Kook File/COURTESY

The song continues to respect the people who have passion and they are striving to make their dream a reality.

The song Dreamers was released before Jung Kook performed in the Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony and it got a positive reaction. Netizens were excited to listen to the song and said it was uplifting and encouraging.

Jung Kook’s bandmates showed their support on their Instagram accounts some through their Instagram stories and others posted him on their Instagram accounts cheering him on and showing their love and support for Jung Kook.

BTS debuted in the year 2013 with the song No more dream. They are a boy band group under the company Big Hit music. They have a fanbase called BTS army and netizens love and listen to their great hits.

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