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Azziad Walks Out Of Interview


Azziad Nasenya has grown in fame ever since her dance Tiktok video went viral in Kenya. She has gotten different opportunities and has grown as a brand.


Recently she has been making headlines, especially on Twitter as Kenyans took to criticise her relationship with Cabinet Secretary of Youth Affairs, Art and Sports, Ababu Namwamba and being fired from the Talanta Hela project, which was launched by President Ruto to help talented youth hone their skills.


Azziad walked out of the Radio Maisha show hosted by Mwendee after the host asked her a question about the Talanta Hela initiative.

In the video, Azziad is seen walking out of the studio after she told Mwendee that they both had agreed on her not asking questions on that topic. She told Mwendee that she does not respect her brand before walking out.

Kenyans on Twitter were quick to share their reactions and opinions to her walking out with most of them saying she has something to hide and that it was not a good show for her to walk out. While a few say that Mwendee stepped out of line because they had agreed not to talk about Talanta Hela before the interview.

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Azziad is one of the rising stars in Kenya who do not have a huge fan base of people who like her, among other celebrities like Elsa Majimbo and Larry Madowo who also faced a lot of critics from home during their rise to fame.

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