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Apology not Accepted: KOT React to Stanbic Bank Statement on Boyz II Men Concert

After numerous complaints from revelers who attended the Stanbic Yetu festival last week, Stanbic Bank has come out to issue a statement on their complaints.


In a post dated June 16, Stanbic Bank says that they partnered with Radio Africa Group and Radio Africa events to deliver an event that was supposed to be a ‘platform for Kenyans to experience an authentic live music concert’.

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The organizers said that they took into account the feedback and criticism that was given by the attendees of the event and acknowledged that the event failed to meet their expectations. They also say that they are investigating the issues that caused the dissatisfaction of the revelers and promised to tackle the root cause of the issues.

Boyz II Men at The Stanbic Yetu Festival in Nairobi. Photo: COURTESY

The Stanbic Yetu Festival, which happened on June 10, and had been promoted as the biggest concert in Kenya this year, was marred by issues that ranged from technical hitches to rain. According to revelers who were at the event, there was faulty sound for a better part of the show and the attendees at the regular section were the most aggrieved.

They complained of a lack of seats and enough tent space leaving them soaking in the rain. They also complain that they were unable to see the performance clearly as they were left with a small faulty screen to watch from.

The revelers had wanted the organizers of the event to refund their ticket fee saying that the experience was not worth the amount charged. The organizers charged Ksh. 8,000 for regular tickets, Ksh. 15,000 for VIP tickets and Ksh. 30,000 for limited VVIP tickets. The aggrieved concertgoers said that they sacrificed a lot to be able to attend the event and did not appreciate the organizers’ nonchalance in solving their complaints.

KOT have said that the statement by Stanbic Bank is just a pr move and still demand their ticket money back.

this media release looks just exactly like the event, faded logo wrong pantone used for Stanbic blue, the font used is not the official Stanbic font, the kerbing  and spacing of the text is just horrible, no official signoff, we need another apology for this media release.


This is unacceptable. There is no silly investigation needed. The proof is in the literal thousands of complaints. Refund us. We’re not attending any of your future events anyway.


If you aren’t refunding… apology NOT accepted.


It’s giving, “si sisi. Ulizeni Radio Africa”


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The Stanbic Yetu Festival happened over the weekend in both Kenya and Uganda, with captivating performances from American music group Boyz II Men and Sauti Sol. The revelers who attended the event in Uganda have also aired their grievances on social media saying that the event wasn’t any better across the border than it was in Kenya.


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