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A Woman, 76, Wakes up at Her Own Funeral After Family receive her Death Certificate

In a truly astonishing turn of events, A Woman, 76, Wakes up at Her Own Funeral After Family receive her Death Certificate, leaving mourners and family members dumbfounded.


The baffling incident unfolded just hours after the grieving family had received her official death certificate, leaving everyone in a state of disbelief.

On June 9, Bella Montoya was transported to Babahoyo’s Martin Icaza Hospital in Ecuador after expressing feelings of illness to her son.

After approximately three hours, at approximately 12pm, doctors delivered the devastating news to Gilbert Rodolfo Balberan Montoya that his mother had passed away. The reported cause of “death” was cardiorespiratory arrest, resulting from an unspecified cerebral blood flow problem.

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Gilbert disclosed to local media that his 76-year-old mother had been battling hypertension and heart conditions. Following this pronouncement, Bella’s body was placed in a coffin at around 2pm, as reported by the local media.

Approximately four hours later, as Bella’s relatives opened the coffin to change her attire, they were confronted with a sight that left them utterly astonished. Reportedly, the elderly woman started gasping for breath while still lying in her casket.

One individual who captured the extraordinary moment on film expressed their disbelief, stating, “We are currently at 509 Olmedo Street, where an individual who had been pronounced dead at the hospital has been in the coffin since noon, and it turns out that the lady is alive. At this very moment, we can observe undeniable signs of life.”

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“She is struggling to breathe; we called the emergency services, but they told us they will call us back and that there is no ambulance.”

Gilbert recounted: “With her left hand, she was hitting the coffin, and her hand was pulsating.”

He told local media: “They even gave us a death certificate.

“My mum is on oxygen. Her heart is stable. The doctor pinched her hand, and she reacted; they tell me that is a good sign because it means she is slowly responding.”

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Local media reports suggest that Bella’s condition was characterized by catalepsy, a state characterized by prolonged rigid posture. Catalepsy is often associated with conditions such as schizophrenia or hypnotic trances.

Expressing his emotional state, Gilbert shared, “I am gradually accepting the events that have unfolded. My current hope is for my mother’s health to improve. All I desire is for her to be alive and by my side.”

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