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Suspension of Bipartisan Talks Creates Worry

Bipartisan Ruto Raila

Azimio announces the suspension of bipartisan talks after Ruto called the Kenya Kwanza MPs to pass the controversial finance bill.


Yesterday, President William Ruto called a meeting for the MPs to pass the bill. This comes on the same day the Senate resumes after a month’s recess. Moreover, this immediate call for a meeting is warranted by the 2023-2024 budget. Additionally, this budget is to be read on June 15. This will be the first full budget in Ruto’s government since he took office.

“We will continue to be a house that consults, together and shares ideas and suggestions. I am truly grateful to the executive that all matters sent to the House, be it Bills or names have been approved,” President Ruto told MPs.

This move could lead to a war with the opposition and it has created more tension. Azimio calls off the bipartisan talks saying that their measures are not being met.

“We have to suspend the Bipartisan dialogue after we could not persuade our friends from KK to concede to some common sense interim measures. Edwin Sifuna remarked.

This comes after Azimio leader, Raila, threatened to call for protests if the finance bill is forced on Kenyans. Ruto urging the MPs to pass the finance bill creates tension. Will the protests restart or will Kenya Kwanza MPs fault the bill?

The agenda of the Meeting caused the suspension of bipartisan talks

The meeting touched on the 3% housing levy on the citizens. Ruto termed this as ‘mandatory patriotism’ and called on the MPs to explain its essence to the public. This comes after his session with journalists at State House on May 14 2023.

“97% of Kenyans can’t afford a house. Housing fund gives them a chance to be house owners, Hinga said.

The conversations touched on the debt ceiling, the 35% income tax on workers earning over 500,000, the greening economy and internet connectivity improvement.

The meeting touched on the issue of debt management and the move to stop the debt increase. This debt ceiling is capped at 55 per cent against the country’s GDP

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