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Signs You Are Dating A Man Like Tristan Thompson

After three publicly confirmed cheating scandals and others that are probably not known, Khloe Kardashian finally called it off with Tristan Thompson, the father to their two kids; True and Tatum.


It does not have to get to this point where you become a baby mama, you can tell whether or not a man is a serial player way before you start dating and avoid the humiliation and heartbreak.

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These are the signs;

Cheats on his ex with you

You lose them how you get them, as evident in Khloe’s life. He will do the same to you. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. The same red flags that you ignore are the same ones that will hurt you.

Sexual talks 24/7

If all he does is sext, or talk about wanting to sleep with you or if all that is what you have to offer then that is what the relationship will be based on until he finds someone else to replace you with.

No future plans

He never discusses the future with you or disregards your commitments, goals and plans for your future and wants to have you work with his schedule. He would also avoid introducing you to the folks most important in his life.

You feel needy

You start being insecure and desperate, sometimes even jealous because you see how he treats other women with no regard to how it makes you feel. You eventually start having to prove yourself to him by doing things like cooking for him and paying on dates.

His lifestyle

If he is the kind of guy who is out clubbing even on a work night, objectifying women’s bodies and flirting with anyone with a skirt, it needs no common sense to read between the lines that he is most likely a player.

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Save yourself the trauma and run from such men, you cannot change a man. He changes for the woman he wants.


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