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Nourish to Flourish: How to Heal after Heartbreak


Healing is a process that is as diverse as the universe itself and there is no single formula to it. “What comes next after healing?” There is more to healing than just moving on from something or someone. There is more to healing than coming to terms with whatever it is that happened. There is more to healing than acceptance. To heal completely is to thrive. To prosper. In order for one to flourish one has to nurture or sustain a part of them that has been neglected.


I believe Kenyans have since established that Karma is not the bitch anymore. There is a new bitch in town and her name is Character Development. (A criminal offensive side eye to my brothers from the Lakeside and West Africa). If you thought healing from heartbreak is tough? Try healing from some proper character development. (I promise, there is a difference between the two) I bet this is why in the recent past we have had so many people giving up on the healing process. The aftermath of this however is that soko (the dating market) is flooded by assistant devils who are playing the game dirtier than pigs do in the mud.

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Moving on from someone is a risky business. Unless one of you dies, there is a possibility of you getting back together. For some, getting under someone new to get over someone else has always worked but how permanent and healthy is this method? Nourishing oneself has so far proven to be the most effective method of healing from heartbreaks and character development alike. This is almost similar to working on oneself or focusing on oneself, the only difference is, with nourishment one is no longer working towards change but towards development and growth.

Let us look at this ‘after-healing process’ as a maintenance measure. Like taking your car to the mechanic for servicing and not just fixing. Like taking medicine as a form of treatment in order for them to be cured because seeing a doctor is not enough. To fully heal from something is to grow from it permanently and wholly and to grow in your newfound self. This sounds difficult albeit in truth it is as simple as taking a single pill a day until one is cured. (Funny how taking pills is actually an uphill task) Healing goes beyond physical aspects, it goes beyond one changing their environment, lover, friends etc.

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Healing also involves non-physical aspects like prayer, manifestation and meditation. Most people want to change the situations, people or external factors that led them into being hurt and forget that they also played a role in their own suffering. There is no better way to grow as a person than to grow one’s mindset.

Remember, for a plant to flourish, it needs nourishment (food, water, air, sunshine and fertile soils). Think of yourself or rather your mind as a plant. Get out of that dark room today, out of those pain-numbing habits and step into the light (literally and figuratively).

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Feed your body and mind positively. Eat healthy food and pick up healthy habits such as having a skincare routine, working out, journaling, reading a book, watching a movie etc. (The list is endless). Let us think of the healing process as more than just forgetting and moving on. Sometimes, the lesson to be learnt and applied in life does not have to come from the experience that got you hurt but from the process that got you healed.


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