Man Upgrade: When Your Type Is No Longer Your Type.

May marked the wedding of the season of the new it-girl Sofia Richie to her new type, Elliot Grainge after only a year of dating. A classic case of he wanted to he would.


This was after Sofia Richie, who was a forgettable in the media, called it quits with the on-again off-again boyfriend for three years, Scott Disick.


Scott Disick represents the baby daddy, noveau rich, daddy issues, lives for the drama and non-commitment type of men while Elliot Grainge represents the private, family man and classic type of men.

Both men are completely different and have a different effect on Sofia Richie to the media and the people. The case of when your type is no longer your type.

Sofia Richie re-invented herself to match her husband’s aesthetic which created a buzz and became an internet sensation overnight. She has now joined Jasmine Tookes and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, in being the classic old money look “it-girls”.

Sofia and husband Eliot Grainge

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How to switch it up and get yourself your version of Elliot Grainge based on Sofia Richie;

  • If he won’t commit within a year of dating, do not think he would in two or more. Dump him!
  • Do not date men with baby mamas. They will always put you second two his kids.
  • If he is not providing you with space to thrive and be yourself, he is not good for you.
  • If he makes you feel insecure, your relationship will never move beyond the dating phase.
  • There are men who will treat you right you right from the get-go.
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If you keep repeating and attracting the same type of men, you are probably giving the go ahead and it’s time to shift.

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