Changing Your Life Through Your Thoughts


To be able to understand and change our lives it is important to first understand our thoughts and how hugely they affect our lives.


Your Thoughts Shape Your Life

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This is such a common phrase but how often do we allow this phrase to influence our lives? The human brain is a physical organ in the head that controls all human activities (thoughts, feelings and actions). Undeniably, it is the most intelligent and powerful tool on earth. On the other hand, the human mind is the mental ability to think, feel and act. It is without a doubt that a healthy brain breeds a healthy mind. Having a healthy mind enables one to deeply process thoughts (meditation). Through meditation one is able to;

Manage stress and stressful situations

Increase their level of self awareness

Gain a sharper focus in life.

Control their emotions

Increase their level of imagination and creativity.

Heighten their level of tolerance and patience.

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Your Thoughts Define You

In addition, having a mind is having the ability to independently and adequately process ideas, notions, beliefs and opinions. It is being able to analyze and comprehend one’s emotions, sentiments and impressions on certain issues. In any case, the things we create space for in our minds and how we allow them to influence our judgement, feelings and actions demarcate who an individual is. This is why in so many instances, to be able to understand someone, we first try to understand how they process their thoughts and feelings. For the same reason, it is safe to say that a human being is as powerful as their mind. Indeed, there is no limit to what thoughts and ideas the human mind can generate.

Your Thoughts Attract

A known fact about the human mind is that it is intangible. What’s more, it comprises of pure vibrating energy. Vibrational energy is the purest form of human communication. The thoughts we constantly allow to run through our minds begin to release an energy with time. Subsequently, the energy released by our actions through our thoughts will gravitate us towards other things or people releasing similar energies. Hence, it is very important to guard your thoughts. Basically, this is how manifestations work. Manifesting the right things in life empowers us to become the best version of ourselves that ever existed. Continuously centering your thoughts around the things you want will eventually embody these things. After all, that is where most of your attention and energy will be channeled.

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How To Shape Your Thoughts

Obviously, shaping something as intangible as thoughts is a skill that requires practice and patience. First, one has to learn to control their mind. Allowing your mind to run wild or operate on extremely low notes is unhealthy. Perennially, one can always strike a balance through meditating. This includes; taking time to think about what you want in and from life and also taking time to discern that which is good and of benefit. Nonetheless, it also pays to think of the things that will add value to you and manifest these things into your life. In brief, avoid confusion in your life by focusing your thoughts on things that matter and leaving out the rest. Shaping your thoughts is a one way ticket to changing your life.

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