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I’m the Beyoncé in my relationships – Kim Kardicey

Kimberly Otieno is a 25-year-old lifestyle digital content creator and YouTuber. Kim Kardicey is her celebrity name.


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She started content creation back in 2020 but unfortunately, like most successful stories, it did not pick up until 2021.

A ghetto girl with Tumblr looks

She grew up in Umoja, she explains kiddingly that this technically makes her a ghetto girl with Tumblr looks.

‘I don’t have a lot of happy childhood memories growing up in the ghetto but, hey we still made it.’She says.

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Kim Kardicey and her friends in high school came up with a group known as ‘Dicey’ and that’s where Kim Kardicey came in, trying to imitate Kim Kardashian.

Kimberly does content creation for a living and she’s grateful to see her life now.

She continues to say that her vlogs are a total reflection of herself where she basically shares her life with her audience.

 Kim Kardicey shared her stumbling blocks and says that people tend to judge her without enough knowledge about her life.

She said that people form perceptions and expect Youtubers and Celebrities to live up to them.

I’m the Beyonce in relationships

In addition, she says she is the ‘Beyoncé’ in her relationships, and nothing is worth exaggerating.

Her ideal type of guy is a God-fearing romantic, who is able to spoil her and must be very considerate.

She added that it’s not flattering when women crown themselves independent and still depend on men to bankroll them.

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